Anglican Angst

No one is particularly happy in the Anglican world today. In London, an anticipated report by the Anglican Communion issued yesterday called on U.S. and Canadian churches to stop ordaining openly gay bishops or blessing gay ceremonies. See the USA Today article here.

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold “expressed regret that the church ratified and ordained an openly gay bishop without first listening to views of leaders worldwide.”

But it also said the dissenting 800-parish conservative Anglican Communion Network cannot replace the Episcopal Church as the official Anglican church in the USA.

At the same time, the report called on both The Episcopal Church that ratified the ordination of an openly gay bishop and the traditional groups that opposed it and have established alternative affiliations to express “regret” for their actions.

Perhaps you’ve tried this with your kids: “Both of you have to say you’re sorry.” This doesn’t accomplish much at home, and we should expect the same weak results in the world of Anglicanism.

The conservative Anglican Communion Network and the American Anglican Council said: “We have strong concerns about the fact that they call only for the Episcopal Church USA to ‘express regret’ and fail to recommend direct discipline.”


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