Evangelicals at a Crossroads?

David Brody at The Brody File is thinking about the passions and political influence of evangelicals. He writes:

The bread and butter issues of abortion and traditional marriage have started to become watered down. Now, all indications are that Evangelicals are becoming passionate about other issues too. Immigration, the environment and maybe, most of all terrorism.

I’m working with a number of the leaders who are what the New York Times called recently “the new breed of evangelicals,” and I do not believe that this new breed is any less passionate about the strong issues of the last 25 years–abortion and traditional marriage. They are now also passionate about new issues–such as the environment and international aid–that broaden the agenda. But it is wrong to assume that their new interests in any way change their passion on abortion and family. That’s like saying that a new baby in the family lessens a parent’s love for the other children.

However, there are very few evangelicals who are going to vote for a pro-abortion candidate because of of his or her stance on climate or action on Darfur. Simple as that. There are some, but not enough to make a political difference.

But candidates who are pro-life and protect the traditional family, and are concerned about climate change, genocide in Africa, and compassionate common sense on immigration and other issues–they can count on the passionate support of a whole new breed of evangelicals. And it is a breed that is growing, including the next generation of voters.

–Jim Jewell

About Jim Jewell

I am a writer and consultant on faith and public life, active for many years in management and communications in the evangelical community, and more recently assisting other nonprofits and corporations. Everything on this blog is my personal opinion.
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