Organization President Leads ChildVoice with Bicycle Ride to Benefit Rescued Child Soldiers

One of the great horrors of the modern era is the exploitation of children as pawns of war, and specifically the abduction of children to serve as soldiers and to participate in unspeakable savagery. Child Voice International is a great outreach to former child soldiers in Uganda; kids who have been rescued from or escaped the horror, only to face uncertain lives in the shadow of childhood brutality.

Check out ChildVoice. But first consider supporting the founder of the organization, who is leading with his legs! For the second year, ChildVoice president Conrad Mandsager will be riding in the Kancamagus Bicycle Challenge to benefit war affected children on September 12th. The ride is organized and produced by ChildVoice

Although the White Mountains are gorgeous in September with dramatic views, waterfalls and wildlife, this ride is certainly not a one for the faint of heart. Climbing 4300 feet in 64 miles, riders summit the infamous Kancamagus Pass twice on the ride. The difficulty of the ride symbolizes the struggle of children in war-torn Africa and the courage of the former child-soldiers to escape that horror.

Conrad has set a personal goal to raise $10,000 for ChildVoice on this ride. The proceeds from this charity event will go to support the Lukodi Center in northern Uganda, where ChildVoice is operating a residential program for formerly abducted girls and their children.

Conrad recently returned from a trip to the Center. He writes: “I was absolutely amazed by the transformation in the girls during their stay. Their smiles and laughter, their confidence, and the skills they are learning are remarkable evidence of how far they have come in healing from the horrors of their past. While I am excited about our early results, there is so much more to do. There are thousands of girls who desperately need the services that we are providing. Our staff was overwhelmed with the number of girls who applied for the 15 slots that were available in June. Your financial support will help us to reach many more girls and their children who have been traumatized by this long, protracted war.”

If you can help Conrad reach his ride goal of $10,000, go to this web page to make a donation.

By the way, if you are interested in riding on September 12th, it is not too late to sign up for the ride. Register here.


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