LifeQwest Making a Big Difference in Mongolia

In 2004, Debbie and I traveled to Mongolia twice to observe and support the terrific work of a group called LifeQwest. Jerry and Susan Smith, who have been laboring in the barren steppes of Mongolia for 15 years, stretch every dollar to help orphans, teens, infants, and the elderly. It is powerfully effective ministry in literally the most remote place in the world, on the opposite side of the world.

Jerry has provided a very helpful outline that demonstrates how much can be done with a small amount of money. Check this out:

We want to share with you the stewardship of the resources God provides through His people. Sometime we think it TAKES SO MUCH to make a difference in Kingdom work. Sometimes we think, oh, I just don’t have anything extra to help others with. Remember the Widow’s mite?

Thought you’d enjoy some interesting numbers about 2010 and LifeQwest ministry to children and elders:

Children’s Center Operations – 30 children 24/7 – 365 day care
complete care (food, medical, clothing, education, houseparents, utilities, etc.)
Per year/1 child = $1,037
Per month/1 child = $86.39
Per day/1 child = $2.87

Mustangs – 15 young men 24/7 – 365 care (Includes EVERYTHING)
Per Year/1 mustang = $969
Per month/1 mustang = $80.78
Per day/1 mustang = $2.69

Infant Nutrition Centers – 120 children in 4 center (Nomgon, Khutel, Sant, Baruunburen)
(2 hot nutrious meals per day)
Per year/1 child = $109.58
Per month/ 1 child = $9.13
Per day/1 child = $0.30

Kindergarten Nutrition Centers – 180 children in 4 centers (Nomgon, Khutel, Sant, Baruunburen)
(2 hot nutrious meals per day)
Per year/1 child = $66
Per month/1 child = $5.50
Per day/1 child = $0.18

Elder Care Project – 100 elders (age 65 to 107 yrs old) – These people have no relatives to care for them.
(monthly medicine, monthly medical exam in their ger, food, fellowship)
Per year/1 elder = $20.55
Per month/1 elder = $1.71
Per day/1 elder = $0.05

As you can see, every gift and donation, no matter how small, can help care for someone LifeQwest touches in Mongolia.


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I am a writer and consultant on faith and public life, active for many years in management and communications in the evangelical community. I now work as the director of the nonprofit practice at The Valcort Group ( Everything on this blog, however, is my personal opinion and is not read or approved before it is posted. Opinions, conclusions and other information expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of Valcort.
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