Ben Arment Pens New Book on Church Planting

Church in the Making is a helpful new book by one of Christianity’s creative lights, Ben Arment. It’s a down-to-earth book born of hard knocks that may change forever how church planters do their work.

Ben Arment is an innovator in the often sterile field of church planting who seems to spawn a new idea every day. After a stint as innovation and experience director at Catalyst, the largest community of next generation church leaders in the world, Arment has now launched three now projects: Dream Year, a year-long personal coaching program; The Whiteboard Sessions, a roll-up-your sleeves one-day conference about ideas in ministry; and STORY, a boutique conference with a focus on creatively telling the greatest story ever told–the gospel.

Arment’s personal blog has grown to more than 1,200 hits a day, with many more reading through feed readers, and is now rated as one of the top church blogs in the country.

Ben planted Reston Community Church in 2001 in a Virginia suburb of Washington, DC. He says he “lived through the experience of being a “parachute drop” church planter, but not without developing a strong passion and message for the struggling church planter.”

Arment has a strong ministry background (his father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all pastors), and a strong marketing and writing background. After working for a time in the business sector, he found his call to ministry “too much to resist,” and he moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, where he earned a Master’s Degree from Liberty Theological Seminary. He became a pastor three years later and served at a mega-church before starting the church in Virginia.

Ben and his wife Ainsley live in Virginia Beach and have three cowboys, Wyatt, Dylan & Cody.

More information on Church in the Making is available.


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