Weekend Blogpost: Pro-life Cover of TIME, Is Debt “W’s” Fault, Christians Wielding the Political Sword, and more

 1.   The First Nine Months of Your LifeMere Comments points to the cover and cover story in the Oct. 4 Time magazine, that could suggest that the editors are acknowledge what many of us see as self evident: life in the womb is the beginning of human life. “Since when did Time view your life as including the 9 months in the womb,“ they ask. Even the article has this slant. It reads:

But there’s another powerful source of influence you may not have considered: your life as a fetus. The kind and quantity of nutrition you received in the womb; the pollutants, drugs and infections you were exposed to during gestation; your mother’s health, stress level and state of mind while she was pregnant with you–all these factors shaped you as a baby and a child and continue to affect you to this day.

This is the provocative contention of a field known as fetal origins, whose pioneers assert that the nine months of gestation constitute the most consequential period of our lives….

 2.  How to Retain More of What You ReadMike Hyatt provides some tips from his voracious reading. He writes, In part:

“I have always underlined or a highlighted passages that I find particularly meaningful. I also write notes in the front of the book and in the margins. But this year I have taken my reading to a new level. I have learned a new technique for retaining more of what I read. Let me explain. In January, I started a mentoring group with eight young men.…As part of the program, we meet formally once a month for three hours. We share how things are going in our personal lives and work, recite scripture we have memorized, and pray together. However, the biggest chunk of our time is spent discussing a book that we have all read prior to the meeting. In addition to reading the book, we have to write a one-page “Net Out” of the book. This exercise forces us to distill the key insights from the book and then determine what we are going to do differently in our lives as a result.

3.   Is W Responsible for the Massive National Debt.  No, says Dennis Prager; at least not most of it.  He provides an explanation from the WSJ:

A strong case can be made that the people most responsible for the gigantic deficits we face today are neither George W. Bush nor Barack Obama. The real culprits are Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Congress controls the purse strings. When Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reid rose to their present jobs in January 2007, the deficit was $161 billion. It had been on a downward trajectory from $413 billion in 2004. Three years later, the Pelosi-Reid Congress had added $1.2 trillion to the deficit.  Of course, Mr. Bush sponsored or signed into law many of these deficit-raising bills, such as the bank bailouts and effective tax rebates of 2008. But the Democratic Congress passed them. Long forgotten is the promise Mrs. Pelosi made on the day she became speaker: “Our new America will provide unlimited opportunity for future generations, not burden them with mountains of debt.” I think future generations would like a do-over.

4.   Building Church Energy Efficiency:  The Flourish Blog provides many helpful recommendations that will produce energy savings in your church facilities. This is a comprehensive article and a must-read for church leaders. Why?

Obedience to God’s call to care for creation digs deep into our lives, actions, and relationships. It can dig deep into the management of your church facilities, too. A “green” facility is a great witness to the world of your church’s commitment to following every aspect of God’s will. Implement the following changes in your church grounds and facilities as part of that commitment.

 5.   Wielding the Political Sword: T.M. Moore at the Colson Center tackles the thorny question of political power and the Kingdom of God. One thought:

How does a government wield its political sword in a manner agreeable to the will of God? By understanding and prosecuting it mission according to the Sword of the Spirit. Good governments make good laws, laws which can be seen to reflect or derive from the teaching of Scripture and the practice of Christian rulers down through the ages. Good governments by their good laws oppose and suppress all that is bad, everything, that is, which would promote the cause of the Lie, and all its attendant evils, within its jurisdiction.

About Jim Jewell

I am a writer and consultant on faith and public life, active for many years in management and communications in the evangelical community, and more recently assisting other nonprofits and corporations. Everything on this blog is my personal opinion.
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