Knowing God; seeing creation. “Some things have to be believed to be seen.”

Great article on the Flourish blog today, by Chuck Summers, pastor and photographer. It begins:

On U2’s 2000 album All You Can’t Leave Behind, there is a song called “Walk On. In this song Bono sings about “a place that has to be believed to be seen.”  Some might think this is just a clever turn on the more usual phrase, “I’ll have to see it to believe it,” but actually U2’s song touches on a very important truth.  Some things really do have to be believed in before they can be seen.

This is especially true in the spiritual realm, but it is my conviction that it is also true in the physical realm. Seeing God in creation requires such believing.


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I am a writer and consultant on faith and public life, active for many years in management and communications in the evangelical community. I now work as the director of the nonprofit practice at The Valcort Group ( Everything on this blog, however, is my personal opinion and is not read or approved before it is posted. Opinions, conclusions and other information expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of Valcort.
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