Another chapter of Americans, The Novel posted: Emily Peabody. Thanksgiving

I’ve posted the third chapter of Americans: The Novel.  Meet Emily Peabody.

A physics professor at Cornell, the Ivy League university in Ithaca, New York, Peabody rarely took time away to be entertained.  A thin woman of 49 who didn’t try to be attractive and largely succeeded, Peabody took most things seriously and had a grim analysis of the current state of the nation and the world.

Emily had married during her doctoral studies at Brown, and promptly got pregnant.  The marriage made it through graduate school and a few more years, but Emily’s pursuit of her career and Frank Peabody’s pursuit of high-risk investments and pretty young things put an end to the marriage.

Read Emily Peabody. Thanksgiving.  A second character in the fabric that is America on a day that is uniquely American.


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