On Veterans Day: Memorabilia from My Father, the WWII Veteran

dad 5

Harry Jewell, center, with buddies on a tank in northern Italy, 1945.

My father was a World War II veteran. Veterans of these battlefields of the last century are now bowed men in their eighties and nineties speaking hesitantly about their colleagues and their service a lifetime ago in the killing fields of Europe and Asia.

Dad served his country mostly in Italy during World War II, and he was a hero of the American variety—putting his life on the line to save the world, and spending his life to serve his family, assuring their well-being in so many ways. We owe our nation to these men, because of their moral strength, their youthful sacrifices, and their country-building ethic. Dad died 10 years ago, alive now with the Lord.

I am the ‘curator’ of his wartime memorabilia, a collection of photos, medals, ribbons, notes, a Bible, mugs, foreign coins and bills, etc.

Here are photos of a few of the worn black and white photos, as well as shots of the Bible he received the day he entered the U.S. Army, May 15, 1943. Also a page from his travel notes.

dad 2

Captured German soldiers, Italy 1945

dad 1

Harry Jewell, 1945 (5th Army, 34th Division, 135th Infantry)

dad 3 rotated

Dad, without shirt in the center, with his comrades during a break at the Anzio Beachhead, 1945.

dad 6

Dad, 1945, a little sightseeing in Italy

dad 7

Flyleaf of the bible Dad was given on his first day in the Army.

dad 8 rotated

This is pretty amazing. The White House endorses this effort by the Gideons!

dad 9

Dad’s commitment to Christ, in the back of his new Bible, May 15, 1943

dad 10

Notes on a bad night: April 27, 1945. It got better the next day. This is the week before the Germans surrendered Italy.

dad 4


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