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Shame on you, Ann Coulter

I frequently agree with Ann Coulter’s political commentary, although more often than not I’m put off by her acerbic, often cruel, manner.  I don’t appreciate cruelty and personal attacks from the right any more than I do from the left. However, I’m … Continue reading

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Vision Problems: 6 causes of World Vision’s PR debacle

World Vision, the giant international Christian relief and development organization, made two announcements last week. I was shocked and disappointed by both. The nature of my alarm was somewhat different than what I’m reading among my friends who share my … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 2011: Good Commercials, Average Game, and an Embarrassing National Anthem

The Game It looked like the game was going the way of so many Super Bowl blowouts, but Pittsburgh dug in and made it close. These were two very good, solid teams, but it would have felt more like classic … Continue reading

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Joel Osteen: “Scripture shows homosexuality is a sin”

Joel Osteen is making news for his interview with much-hyped Larry King replacement Piers Morgan. Osteen is not particularly good in an interview, particularly when the discussion delves into sensitive topics. He gets a little too soft and he looked … Continue reading

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Americans: A Novel Experience

One of the most interesting questions in the great experiment that is the United States of America, now in its 235th year, is why the nation survives, prevails, and even thrives when at times it appears there is so little … Continue reading

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Why did the King family adopt the name, Martin Luther?

Why did the King family, black Baptists from the American South, adopt the name Martin Luther? Here’s one version of the story:

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MLK Day: Precious Lord Take My Hand

Martin Luther King would always request Mahalia Jackson to sing, “Precious Lord Take My Hand.” She sang it for him a last time at his funeral in Atlanta in 1968. It was written by Thomas A Dorsey (1899-1993), the father … Continue reading

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Culture changing events of 2010 and what they portend for the New Year

We can’t predict the events that will change the world, grip our nation, or wrestle us and our families to the ground. As we begin 2011, the shootings in Arizona have shaken the nation’s core. No one could predict such … Continue reading

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The need to elevate political rhetoric and to better inform our grief

I find in my grieving over the senseless loss of human life and vitality at the hands of the Arizona madman a sad recognition that it will be used endlessly for political purposes. It is inevitable and has already been … Continue reading

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Words to avoid in the New Year: ‘I’m just sayin,’ there may be a ‘back story’ to this ‘a-ha moment’ that will go ‘viral’

I love the list of words that, presented as “Lake Superior State University’s 36th annual List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.” VIRAL “Often used to describe the spreading of items on the … Continue reading

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