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Shame on you, Ann Coulter

I frequently agree with Ann Coulter’s political commentary, although more often than not I’m put off by her acerbic, often cruel, manner.  I don’t appreciate cruelty and personal attacks from the right any more than I do from the left. However, I’m … Continue reading

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7 Disciplines of Highly Successful Charities

How to build the trust that fuels program growth By Jim Jewell In the last year, some two thirds of Americans responded to appeals from charities for support of projects to meet human needs, create new initiatives, advance faith, and … Continue reading

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Vision Problems: 6 causes of World Vision’s PR debacle

World Vision, the giant international Christian relief and development organization, made two announcements last week. I was shocked and disappointed by both. The nature of my alarm was somewhat different than what I’m reading among my friends who share my … Continue reading

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Choosing Gelato, and the Value of Values

In a simple visit to a gelato shop this weekend, I—knowingly or unknowingly—made value statements about risk taking, friendship, childhood joy, keeping promises, and childhood diligence. While we all can recognize that the overtly important choices of life are based … Continue reading

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The day nuclear power dropped off the list of viable clean energy sources

Many public officials and even leaders in the environmental community, myself included, were beginning to accept that nuclear power was not only a part of a clean energy future for America, but a cornerstone for the package of alternatives to … Continue reading

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Overcoming the dangerous myth of world overpopulation; a move toward pro-life environmental action

Most of my adult lifetime one of the most common truisms among those who care about the people of the world has been that the population is growing so fast that it will soon outstrip available food, space, natural resources, … Continue reading

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Tunisia, Egypt: Who’s next?

The unrest in Egypt is far from over, but opinion-makers are already predicting what happens next. The spirit of revolt in the Arab world, which began with the Tunisian riots, may yet bring about the end of the Mubarak regime … Continue reading

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A personal account on international Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27

Thursday marked the international remembrance of the Holocaust, remembering and learning from the horror of the Holocaust, set on the day when Auschwitz was liberated, January 27. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is one group that is active … Continue reading

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99 percent of Southern Sudanese vote to leave Sudan

With the eyes of the world on Egypt and the Arab world, the citizens of Southern Sudan have voted overwhelming to secede from the north.  After two decade of warfare that has claimed some two million lives, 99 percent of … Continue reading

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Democracy in Africa; hope for independence in Southern Sudan vote 

Jubilation in southern Sudan as a vote for independence begins. It’s easy to look beyond Africa’s news, but it is worthwhile to point to a good moment in the often troubled nation of Sudan. The northern mostly Muslim part of … Continue reading

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