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2014 political cartoons to agitate half your friends

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Very funny (and truthy) 2012 editorial cartoons on politics, religion, life


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Arab Spring: Where will the air of freedom be breathed next?

The most nervous people in the Middle East today are the despotic leaders of Arab countries and those in their inner circle. Citizenry that we heretofore have never from are now joining protests in the streets of some of the … Continue reading

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More Liberal Intolerance: Juan Williams fired by NPR for violating new PC on Muslims

NPR couldn’t get up and walk off the set, so they just fired Juan Williams (from his NPR duties) for saying on Fox that he sometimes got nervous when people in Muslim dress boarded the plane he was on.  The political correctness … Continue reading

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Intolerance on The View

There is plenty of browbeating on programs advancing the positions of both the left and the right.  But here’s a clip that shows intolerance of dissent at its media worst–exhibited by the divas of The View, who just couldn’t stand Bill … Continue reading

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10 Stories to Chew on: Fewer young Democrats, miner and mistress in hot water, some Christians undermining faith in mosque debate, and more

1. Fewer Young Democrats:  Though many students are liberals on social issues, the economic reality of a weak job market has taken a toll on their loyalties: far fewer 18- to 29-year-olds now identify themselves as Democrats compared with 2008. … Continue reading

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More More Christian Light than Fire: Illuminate our Scriptures; Don’t Burn Others’

As usual, we are on the right path when we provide more light than fire, and as Christians seek to separate themselves from the foolish threats of Koran burning by a few, a group of leaders under the auspices of … Continue reading

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National media fanning Koran-burning non-story; Tony Blair memoir booming, “enoughness” as a radical practice, and more

1.   National media should have ignored the Gainesville church: The media was irresponsible and too anxious to feature a kooky and radical little Christian church when it jumped on the Koran-burning plan and made it an international crisis. Howard Kurtz … Continue reading

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American Evangelicals to the Church Planning to Burn Koran: Call it Off, Demonstrate Love Instead

It’s very important that the world, and the tiny church in Gainesville, Fla., know where the evangelical community stands on the church’s unwise plan to burn copies of the Koran: Don’t do it. The best way for the church of … Continue reading

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Jim Wallis should take it back, and other thoughts on Christians and the Mosque

As Christians, should our response to the mosque controversy be different than others? As I’ve written, I believe the Muslims seeking to build the mosque should demonstrate American instincts by building it down the road. That aside, how should Christians … Continue reading

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