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The 2019 state of the union: a Trump triumph

As you may recall if you’ve followed my social media accounts, I have never been a supporter of Donald Trump. He has behaved badly throughout his life and he’s been consistent to that standard in his personal behavior as President. … Continue reading

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Protecting Marriage: Ironic promotional language for a session at the forthcoming NRB Convention

The headline of a promotional email for a session at the National Religious Broadcasters convention reads: “Protecting Marriage: How to Get the Media Message Right for This Generation.” So how can we explain Protecting Marriage to this generation? (By which … Continue reading

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2014 political cartoons to agitate half your friends

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Very funny (and truthy) 2012 editorial cartoons on politics, religion, life


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Romney didn’t lose it. Obama won it. Agree?

Jonathan Tobin writes in Commentary today: The bottom line is that Barack Obama won the 2012 election far more than the Republicans lost it. Obama may be a remarkably unsuccessful president (he’s the first to win re-election by a smaller … Continue reading

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A Colson Memory on a Sad Day for the Christian World

The passing of the man I consider the most influential evangelical of our generation, Chuck Colson, brought to mind a flood of memories from my days as his chief of staff and in other positions at Prison Fellowship Ministries from … Continue reading

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Take updated presidential poll; tell us what you think of Bachmann and others

Right after the 2010 mid-term election blow-out by the the Republicans, I started the presidential primary poll to the right, to begin to get a sense of how the early horserace was shaping up.  Lots has changed since then and today … Continue reading

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Weighing Newt’s great presidential adventure

So Newt Gingrich has announced that he will be a candidate for president of the United States in 2012. In my view that is very good news for a Republican field that is anemic–candidates that have no hope, have no … Continue reading

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Donald Trump leads new poll. What do you think of him? Vote here now.

The day after the Republican spanking of Congressional Democrats in November 2010, I started a poll on the right rail of this Blog on potential Republicans for president.  Folks have been adding their votes from time to time, with the … Continue reading

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Arab Spring: Where will the air of freedom be breathed next?

The most nervous people in the Middle East today are the despotic leaders of Arab countries and those in their inner circle. Citizenry that we heretofore have never from are now joining protests in the streets of some of the … Continue reading

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