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A Colson Memory on a Sad Day for the Christian World

The passing of the man I consider the most influential evangelical of our generation, Chuck Colson, brought to mind a flood of memories from my days as his chief of staff and in other positions at Prison Fellowship Ministries from … Continue reading

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Joel Osteen: “Scripture shows homosexuality is a sin”

Joel Osteen is making news for his interview with much-hyped Larry King replacement Piers Morgan. Osteen is not particularly good in an interview, particularly when the discussion delves into sensitive topics. He gets a little too soft and he looked … Continue reading

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Andy Miller, the happy Salvation Army warrior, dies at 87

Commissioner Andy Miller, a close friend of my wife Debbie’s and the entire Payton family, and beloved throughout The Salvation Army world, died this morning after a long decline, in suburban Atlanta.  A former U.S. National Commander of the Army, … Continue reading

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Chuck Colson on absolute truth about God, in Slate

There is a fascinating interview with Chuck Colson at the Slate blog, conducted by Kathryn Schulz, author of Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error. One section deals with exclusivity of truth. Our culture is most critical of orthodox … Continue reading

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Former Falwell aide reflects on a controversial and productive life

Last week I had a cup of coffee and a good visit with Nelson Keener,  my friend and former colleague on the Prison Fellowship senior mangement team in the 1980s.  We’re many years from our work together, but we share … Continue reading

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New Mandate in Election 2010: To Obama’s “hope,” electorate says “nope”

Even the blizzard of numbers and results on the morning-after are overwhelmed on post-election morning 2010 by the expected-yet-stunning reversal of fortune for Democrats almost everywhere in the country and the realization that the deeper you dig the redder the … Continue reading

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Bush’s Turn: Now More Popular Than Obama, “W” Offers Counterpoints After Two Years as a Punching Bag

A presidential memoir from George W. Bush that will be released November 9 (note to my Christmas list) will arrive in a political environment very different than the one that saw him leave Washington two years ago.  In a poll … Continue reading

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What is the role of followers of Christ in the public arena?

As we close in on an important election day it is a good time to ask this question:  What is the role of individual followers of Christ in the public arena? By this I do not mean solutions presented by … Continue reading

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Seven of the Most Interesting Stories on a Monday Morning: Climate Collapse, Moore on Beck, Jim Wallis Apologizes, and more

 1.  Crisis in the Environmental Community: The climate lobby has declined dramatically from its days of high confidence after the 2008 election and it is scrambling to determine the next steps:  A year ago, these groups seemed to be at the … Continue reading

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Passing the evangelical torch: Responding to militant Islam

Evangelical leaders of previous generations are in the process of passing the torch to younger leaders, for whom there are at least 10 fresh challenges. We’ve considered the challenges of  Navigating Newfound Authority, Waging a Bloodless Revolution, Overcoming Spiritual Superficiality, Creating Culture, … Continue reading

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