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Weekend Reading: The price tag of raising a child in America; Haiti Smoldering; Nobel Prize highlights China’s thuggery, Full Disclosure on the Oil Spill Impacts

The price of a child: Fascinating article in the Christian Science Monitor on the full parenting price tag, beyond the scary Christmas list, and why that doesn’t begin to describe the joy, the complexity, and multitude of choices.  In the … Continue reading

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What is the “State of the Air” in your city? How’s the breathing where you live?

I can think of several people with whom I work or with whom my children play who have asthma.  You probably know someone with asthma, or you have asthma yourself. It seems normal now, but I don’t recall knowing anyone … Continue reading

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Lighten up! Political cartoons on climate change

Our public relations firm had its first client in the evangelical environmental movement about five years ago, and we’ve been pleased to be involved with several efforts to protect God’s creation since then (including EEN, Serve God. Save the Planet, … Continue reading

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The 10 Largest American Cities That Are Running Out Of Water

 Is your city on this list? Mine is (Atlanta).  10. Orlando, FL Major Water Supply: Florida Aquifer                                                                                                                                                                                                            Population (U.S. rank): 235,860 (80th) Population Growth Rate: 26.8% since 2000 Average annual rainfall: 48.35 in. North-central Florida, especially Orange County where Orlando is … Continue reading

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As Thanksgiving nears: Holiday ways to care for God’s creation

As we approach the holiday designated by the culture to thank God for the bounty he has granted us, it seems a good time to think about ways to do our part to care for His creation as we gather … Continue reading

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With Water the New Oil in the Middle East, Israel Searches for Water Solutions

The Middle East, known for its hot, dry, nearly rainless climate, is dealing with a population surge—particularly in Israel—that is draining its few water resources. The two main sources of water in the region are the Jordan River Basin, which … Continue reading

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Georgia Voters Can Help State with Energy Efficiency: Vote Yes on Amendment 4

On November 2, Georgia voters will face a number of constitutional amendments on the ballot. One that they should certainly support is Amendment 4 (Vote Yes on Amendment 4), which will make it possible to clean up waste in state … Continue reading

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Chief Seattle’s iconic environmental speech that was actually Southern Baptist film script

A must read post by Rusty Pritchard about a speech by Native American Chief Seattle, cherished and quoted by the environmental movement, that was actually created as a film script by a Southern Baptist.  It’s amazing how something contrived or imagined … Continue reading

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A renewable idea for increasing energy efficiency in the heartland

A non-profit organization in Kansas has found a way to separate energy efficiency and leaving the earth in better shape for our children from the controversies of global warming and government policy.  The NY Times described the work of Climate … Continue reading

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The Role of Faith in Saving the World from Infertility

I come from a deeply religious family with strong Christian commitments and a trans-generational routine of participating in church activities at least twice a week. My parents have seen their offspring continue in their evangelical Christian faith, as well as … Continue reading

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