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From WaPo: Sunni Fighters Seeking Alliances with U.S. Troops

Another news report–in the Washington Post— with good news from Iraq, where Sunni fighters are recognizing the self interest in cooperating with U.S. troops and working toward influence in the Shiite-dominated Iraqi government. –JWJ

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A Summertime Brookings Bombshell on Iraq

I spent the last two weeks vacationing in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York and on the Ohio shore of Lake Erie, doing all I could to keep my body in the sand, my face in a book, … Continue reading

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Ideas for Breaking Iraq Deadlock, Not Heard from Democratic Candidates

The United States isn’t going to withdraw from Iraq. We be there for generations, just as we still have troops in Germany, Japan, and Korea. Vietnam was an exception, and only Ted Kennedy’s crowd wants to see a repeat of … Continue reading

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Happy Battle of Lepanto Day

It’s a long time between legitimate holidays, so if you’re a Christian, or generally root for the Christians against the lions, celebrate today as a holiday. Happy Battle of Lepanto Day. On October 7, 1571, there was a naval engagement … Continue reading

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