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I am a writer and consultant on faith and public life, active for many years in management and communications in the evangelical community, and more recently assisting other nonprofits and corporations. Everything on this blog is my personal opinion.

A Bible for All Times

As some of you know, as part of my responsibilities at Tyndale House Publishers I am the brand director for the Life Application Study Bible and I’m leading the marketing campaign for the new edition, to be released in September. … Continue reading

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The 2019 state of the union: a Trump triumph

As you may recall if you’ve followed my social media accounts, I have never been a supporter of Donald Trump. He has behaved badly throughout his life and he’s been consistent to that standard in his personal behavior as President. … Continue reading

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An Inheritance for Christmas Future

This was prepared for a 2018 family devotional collection on the theme of Christmas past, present, and future.  The observance of Christmas in Dickens story is the tableau upon which is built a morality play on the consequences of goodness … Continue reading

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Values are the foundation of brands that have enduring success

A genuine brand is the public replica of private values. As individuals we learn to trust others when the fundamental values we hold sync with theirs. But when that trust breaks down, we question, and often limit, the relationship. Similarly, … Continue reading

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The value of a strong master brand in the digital age

Creating and presenting a strong brand is all about establishing value.This is especially true if you are selling direct to consumers. If you have been dealing primarily with distributors or retailers, your brand is important–but to a lesser degree. As … Continue reading

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The 7 C’s of Successful Communication

Communicating is simple. Right? Well, moving your lips may be easy, but effective communication can be mind-numbingly difficult. Even in friendships and marriages. Tough to get it right politics and religion. And yes, the right communication mix and messages are … Continue reading

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Why worthy charities frequently stumble and fall

A group of our friends led a wonderful start-up that was trying to bring new perspectives to the environmental cause and reach faith-based constituencies who were not traditional supporters of these concerns. They had the plan worked out on paper, … Continue reading

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Building Organizational Trust in an Age of Cynicism

In times of change, the last thing you need to experience—as an employee, a colleague, a corporate leader, or a customer—is the discovery that trust has been violated. Does any of this sound familiar? A person, group or organization has … Continue reading

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Six New Business Trends

It’s always good sport to observe and predict trends in business and culture, and then look back in a year and two to see how it went! Here are 6 trends I’ve been reading about: 1. Millennials welcome Generation Z … Continue reading

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Every day is a Day. March 7 is Mariah’s birthday!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 Today is… Mariah Jewell’s birthday. It’s a national celebration! Or should be! Happy birthday Mariah, firstborn, beautiful and kind, bright and witty. Today in history In addition to Mariah’s birth in Evansville, Indiana, on this day … Continue reading

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