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Joel Osteen: “Scripture shows homosexuality is a sin”

Joel Osteen is making news for his interview with much-hyped Larry King replacement Piers Morgan. Osteen is not particularly good in an interview, particularly when the discussion delves into sensitive topics. He gets a little too soft and he looked … Continue reading

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As the world turns: Haiti, Gulf coast crises remain even as public attention shifts

Public attention is fickle, and with the need to maintain viewer share in a 24/7 news world, today’s the “biggest news in the in history of the world” becomes a historical footnote in just a few weeks or months. What … Continue reading

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Intolerance on The View

There is plenty of browbeating on programs advancing the positions of both the left and the right.  But here’s a clip that shows intolerance of dissent at its media worst–exhibited by the divas of The View, who just couldn’t stand Bill … Continue reading

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Name Calling is Such a Pathetic Form of Public Discource

Earning the Public Incivility Award this week is New York Times columnist Frank Rich, who wrote yesterday–in an article titled “GOP Stalinists Invade Upstate New York” (so he’s shares the award with the copy editor wrote the headline): “The right … Continue reading

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Olympics One Year Out: More on Pressuring China

More, in the Washington Post, on efforts to pressure China as the Beijing Olympics create a world stage.

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More Skepticism on Deep Throat

I wrote earlier this month that Woodward and Bernstein’s Deep Throat May Be Composite of Multiple Sources, which has been the opinion of Nixon aide Charles Colson. Here, Jonah Goldberg explains why he believes Deep Throat is “Bob and Carl’s … Continue reading

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Anti-War Democrats Quoting Pat Robertson?

The sage of Virginia Beach is making headlines again, and for the first time in history the secularists and liberals believe him. What an interesting twist. What an embarrassment. Come to find out, Robertson sat President Bush down before the … Continue reading

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