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Weekend Reading: The price tag of raising a child in America; Haiti Smoldering; Nobel Prize highlights China’s thuggery, Full Disclosure on the Oil Spill Impacts

The price of a child: Fascinating article in the Christian Science Monitor on the full parenting price tag, beyond the scary Christmas list, and why that doesn’t begin to describe the joy, the complexity, and multitude of choices.  In the … Continue reading

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Post-election trouble in Haiti; firsthand report

I just talked with my colleague Rusty Pritchard, who is in Haiti this month providing assistance to the recovery effort.  There is evidence of fraud in the election, there is trouble in the streets, and much of the capital is … Continue reading

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Weekend Reading: How to keep helping Haiti; humanity of poetry; a book on Harry Dent; interview with Charity:Water’s Scott Harrison; the Email Weapon

1. Cholera Still Killing in Haiti:  More than 700 people have died as a result of the cholera outbreak in Haiti, where the living conditions in the tent cities constructed after the January earthquake have left people vulnerable to the … Continue reading

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As the world turns: Haiti, Gulf coast crises remain even as public attention shifts

Public attention is fickle, and with the need to maintain viewer share in a 24/7 news world, today’s the “biggest news in the in history of the world” becomes a historical footnote in just a few weeks or months. What … Continue reading

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Truth About Haiti and How to Help

There is a great post on the Flourish Blog on the tragic history of Haiti and the need to help, by Joanna Pritchard, a community advocate with a research background in Haitian history and culture, and Rusty Pritchard, a natural … Continue reading

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